Network Marketing Solution

Block In started developing since 2003 the MLM System and consists of rich experience and professional developers.
We will do our best to ensure that there is no shortage to customer needs.

Registration of Fraternal Association

Consulting of Fraternal Association Registration
Consulting of Regional Association Registration
Computerized of Fraternal Association


Marketing Plan
Operation and Administration
Development Period / Scope


Optimized System
My Office, Homepage
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)
Blockchain-based Inventory Management
Android, iOS App


Customized Maintenance
Stabilization of Data
Affordable Maintenance Fee

ERP, My Office, Shopping Mall, App, Homepage can be developed.

Existing data transfer is available if you already have a program you used.
The amount and scope of work required for each company are so diverse that we will inform you of the expected schedule after consultation.

- Process

- Identify Customer Requirements
- Diagnose Operation Environment and System Efficiency
- Provide Marketing Plan Simulation
- Operation Consulting for Establishment

- Planning and Design of System Establishment
- Continuous Communication
- Program Stabilization
- Provide Optimized Program

- Provide Operation Manual
- Visiting Training
- Specifying Customer Specialist
- Provide Contextual Operational Know-how

Shows key information of members after log-in
Graph various figures, cumulative allowance accrual
You can check the key information at a glance.

Organization Chart

- Detailed Features

 ㆍRecommended Organization Chart

 ㆍSponsor Organization Chart

 ㆍHorizontal View

 ㆍVertical View

 ㆍPrint list of affiliated members in Excel

 ㆍSearch senior members

Allowance management, Inquire occurrence details of allowance
Tracking occurrence details of allowance, Inquire members occurred allowance
You can check the key information at a glance.

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