Block In aims to build a total solution using blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We develop web, apps related to cryptocurrencies.
All services will be provided at once, including security-specific e-wallets, consulting for each business area, and customization of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution

- Decentralized Exchange Trading System with Liquidity Retention
- Protect customer assets by linking cryptocurrency transactions with blockchain API in real time

- Multi-Tier structure configuration separated to handle transaction control and logic on TP and presentation on WAS
- Configure information security by blocking database access from an externally exposed server

Server Architecture

System Architecture

White Paper

Market Research and Planning
Algorithms and Structures
Coin Policy and Blockchain System
Multilingual Support
Provides a variety of document forms and web pages


Development of Self-Algorithm Mainnet
DID(Decentralized Identity) Technology Support
SIS(Self Sovereign Identity) Technology Support
Support for Development / Production related to PON cryptocurrency
Programming Technology Consulting for New Coin Creation and ICO
Create New Coin
Demon / API
Mining Software / Mining Full Server

Cryptocurrency Wallet Solution (Web / Hybrid App)

Secure Key Management System

The Block In SDK's robust security system enables secure storage and management of all customers' private keys.
The distributed responsibility model that incorporates the scheme further enhances security capabilities and provides the highest security.

Fast and Convenient Structure

The Block In SDK provides secure protection of your customers' assets without the need for separate encryption technology.
It also performs all tasks related to cryptocurrency transaction easily and quickly, such as creating cryptocurrency wallets, checking balances, and deposit and withdrawal reservations.

Secure Cloud

All cryptocurrency transactions performed in wallets based on Block In SDK are secured through our secure cloud system and prevent external hazards in advance.

Smart Management

Available to receive cryptocurrency with your wallet address and QR code.

Cryptocurrency Payment Shopping Mall Solution (Independent Mall / Mall in Mall)

Develop of functions freely

Supports the desired type of shopping mall functions, such as independent mall / mall in mall type

Mobile Shopping Mall

Supports Web / Mobile as well


Available to customize as customer wants

Shopping Mall Function

Provides essential functions necessary for operation such as
product management, order management, delivery management, settlement management, store management, customer management, etc.

Coin Payment System

Support Automatic Coin Payment

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